Powershell Cheatsheet

This side is a collection of my used powershell commands

Ausgabe in PS wie Less unter bash ausgeben

Get-Help Out-Host -Detailed | Out-Host -Paging

Quelle: https://www.powershell-user.de/more-und-less-mit-der-powershell/

No Intellj config files in git

Every time I start a new Java project in Intellj with creating a git repo all xml-Config files created in the folder .idea are listed changes for git commits

Although I have added the following .ignore file(see below) to the project, the configuration files in the .idea directory are still displayed.

The problem is the files are recordnized to the git cache. You have to delete this cache with the command

git rm -r --cached .idea/

Now the entries from the ignore file works.

.ignore file

# ---> JetBrains
# Covers JetBrains IDEs: IntelliJ, RubyMine, PhpStorm, AppCode, PyCharm, CLion, Android Studio, WebStorm and Rider
# Reference: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/206544839

# User-specific stuff

# AWS User-specific

# Generated files

# Sensitive or high-churn files

# Gradle

# Gradle and Maven with auto-import
# When using Gradle or Maven with auto-import, you should exclude module files,
# since they will be recreated, and may cause churn.  Uncomment if using
# auto-import.
# .idea/artifacts
# .idea/compiler.xml
# .idea/jarRepositories.xml
# .idea/modules.xml
# .idea/*.iml
# .idea/modules
# *.iml
# *.ipr

# CMake

# Mongo Explorer plugin

# File-based project format

# IntelliJ

# mpeltonen/sbt-idea plugin

# JIRA plugin

# Cursive Clojure plugin

# SonarLint plugin

# Crashlytics plugin (for Android Studio and IntelliJ)

# Editor-based Rest Client

# Android studio 3.1+ serialized cache file

# ---> Java
# Compiled class file

# Log file

# BlueJ files

# Mobile Tools for Java (J2ME)

# Package Files #

# virtual machine crash logs, see http://www.java.com/en/download/help/error_hotspot.xml


Adapted from : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32384473/gitignore-not-ignoring-idea-path

My First personal computer

In Juni 1889 bought with the support of my parents my first computer a Commodore 128D. The D stands for floppy disk drive. My first pc game was a gift from my parent: Willi Wacker the figure from the comic strip.

Some days later a classmate was visiting me. He had already owned the same computer for a few months and showed me his programming skills with Basic 7.0. After a short time, circles and rectangles were painted on the screen as if by magic. It was absolutely fascinating for me.

So I decided to learn programming as well. Using books on paper, I familiarised myself with the syntax of Basic.